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Service Line Inventory Program

Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for All Residents

To comply with the Federal Lead and Copper Rule requirements, all cities are required to determine if any lead water pipes exist and create a plan to replace them. The City of Valley’s public water infrastructure does not contain lead. However, your private line might. The City must verify the materials used in private services lines in every home and business in Valley by November 2024.Click on the link below to take the survey online or download the paper survey at the bottom of the page and return to City Hall during normal office hours. 

Lead and Copper Online Survey

Inventory Guidance_Final 080322_1 (002).pdf

What is a water service line?

It is your pipe that connects the water main to your home or business. It can be made out of copper, lead, galvanized steel, or plastic.

Test Your Service Line

To find out if you have a copper, lead, galvanized steel, or plastic service line on your property, you (or your landlord) can use the tests below on the water service line where it comes into your home or building.

  • Scratch test: Gently scratch the pipe with the flat edge of a screwdriver or other head surface. If the pipe revealed has a soft, silver or shiny surface, it is made of lead. If the scratch reveals an orange color, it is made of copper.

  • Magnet test: You may also touch a magnet to the pipe. If it sticks, the pipe is made of iron or steel. If it does not stick, it is made of lead or copper.

After completing the test, complete the inventory survey online or by filling out the paper form and returning it to City Hall during normal office hours or emailing it to cityoffice@valleyne.org

Lead and Copper Online Survey

Lead and Copper Testing Paper Survey.pdf